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Health is Wealth 

Money can't buy happiness but, it can buy you a juicer, which can promise you good health, given that you make the best of it. So, it is almost the same thing. If you are new to juicing or are planning to invest on a juicer, you should read as much juicer reviews as you can before making up your mind.

Though juicing is a good thing you can do for your health, it should be accompanied by other activities, such as regular exercise and a healthy eating style for long term.When it comes to juicing, the first thing that comes into mind is refreshingly delicious fruit juices and smoothies.

There are also other foods that you can juice. Many people juice vegetables to retain its nutrients while, bodybuilders juice raw eggs and cream for protein. Though juicing is renowned for its benefits, certain individuals like diabetes patients should always a health advisor for tips before starting this diet.

Start Your Day with Excellent Juice

Ever wished you could make juices made like those 5 star restaurants that taste so good? Well you can now. Stop reading those juicer reviews written by websites that are just trying to trick you into buying their juicer and buy the best juicer, Breville Juice Fountain Elite 800JEXL instead.  

As elegant as it sounds, this juicer is able to produce beautiful tasting juices without having to step out of the door. It has a stainless steel exterior with has a touch of modern look to your home. The best part of its stainless steel exterior is that the Juice Fountain Elite 800JEXL is dishwasher safe so there is no need to get your hands soapy in the sink washing it and making your juice.

It has a large chute so you may just throw in your fruits without having to cut it into tiny pieces to fit into the chute. It can make almost any juice thanks to its powerful motor. So you can enjoy pineapple juice, watermelon juice, apple or even durian if you plan to be adventurous. The Juice Fountain Elite 800JEXL comes in two speeds so you can speed it up if you're rushing to work.